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SAN, Scale-Out NAS Product Development and Support for Media & Entertainment

We understand that in order to build quality storage solutions that meet vertical market applications, you must first understand customer workflow and then mirror it internally prior to deployment. Scale Logic has invested over $1M in industry specific applications and network infrastructure to create a fully functioning media centric interoperability lab.

Our interoperability lab is multi-functional which allows our development team, ISP, and OEM Channel Partners access for proof of concept, benchmarking, development, and testing.

Our capabilities include:

In support of our modular approach we analyze and test all parts of the process with road map and feature enhancements. This provides valuable data to our OEM partners and software engineers that influence and improve future releases of our complete line of products and services.


Once development meets the required performance, benchmarking takes place. Internal test programs developed over the last 20 years guarantee application specific requirements are met when the solutions are deployed.


Performance is just the beginning of vetting solutions for complicated workflows. Interoperability testing allows our team to feel comfortable that converged solutions are integrated based on strict guidelines including OS versioning, drivers, connectivity, servers, workstations, and applications.

Proof of Concept

Scale Logic CTO hard at workOur internal team and customers utilize the lab to do their own proof of concept testing. In the M&E industry very few workflows are the same, allowing customers access to the lab allow them to try several types of technology to ensure confidence in the investment.


Our team has over 30 years of experience deploying solutions into the M&E industry. We fully understand what works in the lab may not completely translate into integration, but with the ability to replicate customer issues in house vs. at their facility - we can arrive at a resolution much faster, thereby limiting downtime and impact to the customer.


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