Genesis Unlimited

Genesis Unlimited - Scalable SAN Appliance

Media-centric Storage and Application Platform for Video Production

  • Built-in file system
  • Built-in Genesis Media Browser
  • No per seat client cost
  • Real-time initiator
  • Real-time latency enhancements
  • Zero impact rebuild
  • QoS - application intelligence

An application platform built for video editors

Editing performance that scales

The Genesis Unlimited solves problems where competitors fall down. TCO, unlimited client file system licensing, scale-out without servers and external MDCs and now with optional SSD drives.

4K editing efficiency

Enhancing the Genesis Unlimited with SSD drives boasts multi-stream and low latency SSD tiering. This system is capable of delivering the performance needed to edit six streams of uncompressed 4K files.

Recent News

The Genesis Unlimited is now installed in the NBA, NFL and D1 College Sports


Contact tech support for more details.

System and controller features
Chassis Compact steel and aluminum alloy enclosure with rack mount kit, dual FRU power supplies and fan assemblies and 12 Gb/s drive backplane, 12 bay (2U), 24 and 36 bay (4U)
Controllers 3.5 GHz Intel 1600 CPU, 12 bay 64GB (4x16), 24 bay 64GB (2x32) 36 bay 128GB (4x32) RAM
Drive Support (12, 24, 36 HDD or SSD) 3.5” 960GB or 1.9TB 6Gbit SATA SSDs, or 3.5” 12Gbit 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB SAS HDDs in field replaceable canisters, LED Support, hot spare, or cold spare as required
Host cards 1/10/25/40/100 GigE; 8/16/32 GB/s FC
External I/O Ports 12 bay base = 2 expandable to 8; 24 bay base = 4 expandable to 16; 36 bay base = 2 expandable to 8
System cooling 3x8cm hot-swappable cooling fans, redundant cooling
Operational features
RAID protection RAID 1, RAID 6, RAID 7.3, RAID 10
Spare drives RAID 6/7.3 configuration has 2/3 parity drives and therefore doesn’t require a hot spare drive, hot spare capable
Background activities Rebuild; SMART drive monitoring; media health monitoring and repair
Media-enhanced RAID Physical drive error recovery, zero-impact drive rebuild, bad sector re-mapping, SMART
System Management
Supported OS Windows, macOS X, Linux
Management tools Embedded web management support — No host agent is needed using standard TCPIP; operating system independent; web-based GUI, via Ethernet port; basic CLI configurator and operational utility with monitor, keyboard; Ethernet, RJ-45; SSH; easy-to-use tracing I/O commands, graphing in real-time bandwidth, and uncovering poorly performing drives in the RAID, plus error logs and status monitoring
Management interfaces Embedded web server and management support — no host agent is needed; Ethernet
Event notification Email, audible (buzzer), and visible (LEDs) alerts for bad drives and power supplies
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage 100-240 VAC auto-ranging 50-60 Hz
Current (Maximum) 12 A @ 100 VAC; 4 A @ 200 VAC (current rating with two power cords)
Power supply 12 Bay - dual 920W, 100-240 VAC auto-ranging 50-60 Hz, dual hot swap and redundant with PFC, N+ design power consumption 24, 36 bay - dual 1000W high-efficiency
Power consumption 12 Bay - 275 Watts, 24, 36 Bay - 523 Watts
Operating temperature Operational 10°- 35°C (non-operational -40° +70°C) Relative humidity maximum 90%
Chassis dimensions 12 Bay - Height 3.5” (89mm), Width 17.2” (437mm), Depth 25.5” (648mm)
24 Bay - Height 7” (178mm) Width 17.2” (437mm) Depth 26” (660mm)
36 Bay - Height 7” (178mm) Width 17.2” (437mm) Depth 27.5” (699mm)
Weight 12 Bay - gross weight (including carton) 77 lbs. (35 kg)
24, 36 Bay - gross weight (including carton): 121.5 lbs. (55 kg)
HyperFS File System Specifications
System Capacity 64 ZB Theoretical Limit
Max number of files/objects/folders Up to 4,000,000,000 when using 4TB metadata volume
File size 64 ZB Theoretical Limit
File name length Windows: 255 ASCII characters; Linux/Mac: 255 ASCII characters
Directory depth Windows: 244 characters
Linux: 4096 Bytes
Max number of LUNs 4093
Exported Paths 512
No. of Metadata controllers (MDC) Up to 2, can be configured in HA mode
Number of concurrent file systems 16
Full redundancy configuration Supported: No single point of failure
Dynamic file system expansion Yes, LUNs can be added with no downtime
Supported SAN client OSs Windows 7 32/x86_64/Win 8, Win 10
Windows 2008/2008_R2/2012/2012_R2/Server 32/x86_64/2016_x86_64
RHEL 5 (Update3-Update10) 32/x86_64, RHEL 6 (Update0-Update8) 32/x86_64,
RHEL 7 {Update0-Update3}
SUSE 11 SP1-3
OS X 10.7-10.13
SSD Support Yes
Optional HyperFS Scale-Out NAS Specifications
Number of nodes per cluster 64
Number of clusters 32
Supported Protocols CIFS/SMBv1.0/v2.0
NFSv2/v3/v4, FTP/FTPS
Scale-Out Nas OS RHEL/CentOS 6.8 x86_64
Number of Scale-Out Nas Clients CIFS clients: 2048 per node, NFS clients: No limit
FTP clients: 1GbE 800 clients and 10GbE 1600 clients
Number of shares mounted on client CIFS on Windows Client: 23 NFS Client: 256
Supported OS of Scale-Out Nas clients Windows 7/8/10
Windows 2008/2008_R2/2012/2012_R2 Server/2016 Server
CentOS/RHEL 4.x ; CentOS/RHEL 5 U1-U8; CentOS/RHEL 6 U1-U9, CentOS/RHEL 7 U1-U4
Suse11 SP1
OS X 10.6-10.13


Genesis Unlimited allows editors to be editors and allows facilities to scale at their own pace.

Get started.

VFX Technologies

"There are several factors that I think the Unlimited differentiates itself from other storage options. I love the simplicity of the Unlimited in that we don’t need to provision for an additional MDC like traditional SAN deployments. I also love that it can also function as a NAS. Many of our clients end up having to create unique solutions to bridge their SAN and NAS solutions. This product provides both in a simple to deploy package. Not many other storage solutions provide this much flexibility in options and performance at this price point."