Health Monitoring

24x7 proactive health monitoring

The Genesis Platform 24x7 health monitoring service (HMS) communicates directly with installed products at customer sites, using the equipment serial number to track service outages, system temperature, data storage drive failure and dozens of other mission-critical status updates.

HMS then opens a case on behalf of the customer, communicates that the case is open, and then sends parts or support services based on the service-level agreement with each specific customer.

What is supported?

What is monitored in the RX3?

  • Heartbeat response back to us, excessive heat as measured by the MB, cooling fan monitoring, data storage drive failure, data storage drive removal from chassis successful RAID rebuild, power supply failure, HyperFS file system read only event and HyperFS virtual machine heartbeat.

The service is available to Scale Logic end-users in all regions of the world and complies with enterprise-level security protocols by relying only on outgoing communication via a single port.

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“Implementing a high speed HyperFS SAN made our workflows here at Redlab much more efficient, but the risk of downtime/data loss due to a MDC failure was unacceptable. By adding HA (adding a second MDC) made that problem disappear...literally. I think we have failed over twice in the past 6 years and only engineering noticed! Not even a blip in my flame suite. Now that we have 24/7 health monitoring, I expect we'll hear from Scale Logic before our engineers!”