Enterprise Service and Support

Dell/EMC - Isilon, VMAX, VNX, Avamar, Data Domain, HPE, HDS, IBM, NetApp, Quantum, QLogic, Brocade, Cisco

Saving money for customers in supporting enterprise storage, networking, servers, and tape libraries

For years we have optimized client infrastructures, meaning we design, configure, deploy, support and install them to rigorous industry and client standards. For that reason, we are the choice of market-leading clients across all major industry sectors.

Instead of calling multiple OEMs about your infrastructure, you can make one call to our team, and we take care of everything.

  • Customized, extended or bridged warranty support: We're certified to support all the major manufacturers, including: Dell/EMC, Isilon, Avamar, NetApp, Data Domain, HPE, and HDS along with second tier storage products like Dot Hill, and Infortrend. In addition, we offer plans for Cisco, Juniper, QLogic, and Brocade networking.
  • Bridge to refresh: custom short term extended support options and migration services
  • Find ROI: Buybacks, trade-ins or cash back towards upgrades and add ons
  • Hardware Sourcing: Grow your storage and network with options for refurbished and recertified upgrades or add-ons for VNX, VNXe, Isilon, Avamar, Data Domain, HDS, Brocade, Arista, Cisco
  • Asset Managment: Certified disk shredding and data erasure (full HIPAA, NISPOM and DOD reporting), system integration, data center moves, asset recycling

Customized Extended Warranty Programs

Our goal is to save our customers time and money in dealing with the expensive prospect of extending maintenance contracts for enterprise and mid-tier storage and networking equipment.

We don’t raise support prices as the hardware ages. Our prices typically drop over the years as parts become more readily available. We offer on-site spares, 24x7 phone support, and on-site service globally. We not only support the hardware, but also offer full software support for EMC, Isilon, Hitachi, Avamar, Data Domain, NetApp.

  • Customized programs with 30-70% savings
  • FREE expert level health checks
  • 24 x 7 x 365 response options
  • On-site response and phone support
  • On-site field engineers domestic and international
  • Next business day parts replacement
  • Custom spare kits
  • OS support and updates
  • Parts testing to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Response center support backed by Level 3 OEM trained engineers

We provide expert level support contracts to Fortune 500 customers on the highest level of storage hardware, servers, and network infrastructures as a 3rd party independent support company and we have determined and partnered with the best technicians in each of these specialized fields over our many years in the business. For storage we support products from EMC, Data Domain, Avamar, NetApp, HDS, Isilon, HP and others with the highest level Certified SE’s in their specific fields.

Standard Support Levels

Our IT hardware maintenance provides both on-site response and phone support.

  • Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. - 4hr. response
  • 24 x 7 x 4hr. mission critical production - 365 days a year - 15 min response time average.
  • On-site field engineers domestic and international

Stock parts when you need them

Our real-time spares management is the perfect maintenance solution for organizations that have technicians on site but require a comprehensive parts inventory on-premise to meet uptime requirements. Our automated parts replenishment program uses an online portal and state-of-the-art barcode technology to monitor inventory, track when supply runs low, and ship the parts immediately.

Program benefits

  • Eliminate exorbitant OEM support fees - spend funds more strategically
  • Short-term bridge support during refresh migration
  • Stretch ROI and extend life cycle during POC - save 30-70% on support fees
  • Break the OEM’s strategy for a forced refresh

We work with all top technology suppliers and are vendor-neutral, focused only on deploying the best solution to your needs. We deliver highly competitive prices through our technology partnerships, OEM gold and platinum certifications, distributor discounts and incentives, available only to the highest tier suppliers. Combined with our responsive service and support, you receive complete business value.

eBook - Why Customized Extended Warranty Support Services have become imperative for business success

Read our eBook and find out why customized extended warranty support services have become essential for your business success. It’s an interesting scenario: how data has become the single greatest asset that your businesses has, which means that the storage of that data is as important as the data itself. Learn more.

Program Explanations

ROI on your legacy gear

We will save you money.